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From a very young age, I realized that there are three things that motivate me and fill me with passion: style, high aesthetics and helping people. That’s why I am thankful that I have the opportunity to combine these loves of mine in one occupation, this of Wedding Business Coaching.

As a Wedding Business Coach, my sole purpose is to assist wedding professionals write their own history in the wedding industry. By providing wedding businesses and brands with a complete strategy, consulting them on matters that are important and complex, and offering them a remarkable portfolio, personalized business support, education and networking, I make sure that every business professional gets to the highest level possible.

After many ups and downs in my journey as an entrepreneur in the wedding industry, I know that it is time to create something unique, a complete program that will help every wedding business stand out.


Together, we can create your leading business brand.



After eight years of experience in the wedding industry, I have the privilege and the ability to help wedding professionals that wish to elevate their wedding brand or business. My sole purpose each time I start a new collaboration is to provide the brand with the success I know it deserves. My many years of experience led me to the following conclusion: Everyone can achieve everything they wish for, provided that they are focused on their goals and they apply the appropriate strategy and methodology.

Every wedding professional I collaborate with sees their wedding business reaching a top level, has more bookings and enjoys the results of our common effort, while recreating their strategy and wedding business image.

My goal is to create a fresh, innovative and successful brand for you, one that will lead you to brilliance. With continuous consulting on all the important for your wedding business matters, deep and effective education, networking and the creation of a phantasmagorical portfolio, we manage to reach the highest level possible and achieve the impossible.

I strongly believe that, with the appropriate guidance, support and training you can now reach your full potential. Success is closer than you think.


And I am here to help you in each step of the way.



What is the secret ingredient that makes a wedding brand successful? As an owner of two wedding brands, I often found myself wondering this very question. After years of research, I have created unique services that can take your wedding brand to the highest level possible. By trusting me in guiding you step by step to your business’s success, you save valuable time, energy and money in trying the tactics than are certain to fail in the wedding industry. Benefit from our customised services today. 


“Chloe Koromila supported me and my business from the very first second. We work together to develop my brand and to book much more high end weddings and events” 

Maria Viltanioti | Fillo Flower Studio


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