These days we are experiencing heavy changes and multiple difficulties worldwide, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. At these hard times our world is in, there are so many thoughts that come to my mind, thoughts that are searching for ways to be expressed to the people around me and to my readers, to you.

As a result, I decided to write this article and let these thoughts out, with the hope that the people who read my blog will find some consolation, will identify, will think deeper, will calm down and will find different ways to approach their difficulties and the psychological pain they may be in.

My Point of View on Covid-19 Pandemic

To begin with, I would like to share with you this: I am not afraid! I don’t know why this is, however, from the first moment our world and my country started facing the Covid-19 pandemic, I didn’t feel scared or terrified, as many of the people that I know did. Nevertheless, I am not immune to what is going on around me. I do feel worried for my family, friends, colleagues, and everyone I love and cherish.

Especially, my thoughts right now go to Italy and specifically to my father, who lives there. I am so much worried about him at these difficult times, knowing that he needs to remain safe and healthy in a country which faces serious problems due to Covid-19 pandemic.

On the other hand, a thought that is very vivid on my mind these days is the following: The Covid-19 pandemic makes no exceptions. Sad as this may be, it is a fact that leads me once again to the conclusion that everyone in this world is equal.

I have seen many rich people being affected by Covid-19, many poor people, as well as celebrities, princes and princesses, sadly many doctors and, as a matter of fact, people from every social, financial and professional category.

Therefore, once again, my thoughts are that we are all EQUAL and we are in this TOGETHER. Now is not the time for separation. Now is a chance for all of us to stay UNITED and face together, as a worldwide community, this difficult situation.

My Personal Humble Opinion about Covid-19 Worldwide Situation

From my point of view, this is a chance given to all of us to act as a worldwide community, as one.I deeply empathize with every person around the world, I actively participate in any online activity that provides help to people that face difficulties right now and, of course, I practically help the people I know, as well as my readers and those I can reach online every way that I can.

For the first time in my life, I feel that all of us become one, united under a common crisis. And that is a remarkable outcome which truly deserves to be pointed out.

Simultaneously, as we all now know, this is the first time the human kind faces this kind of situation, the first time in many years. The way I see it, one by one, we start realizing what is really important in life, we redefine our VALUES and we face a truth most of us knew but didn’t take seriously: HEALTH IS WHAT TRULY MATTERS.

Facing a worldwide Covid-19 pandemic has, in a sense, shook us deeply and made us see what truly matters in life. As our values change, so do we.

Personally, all this time made me reconsider my life, my values, my point of view on many crucial matters. I redefined my personal goals, as I came to the realization that, the pattern we followed all these years and our way of living NEEDS TO BE CHANGED. Our social patterns need to be adapted in our personal needs and wishes, constructing new rules that fit better to the new circumstances as well to ourselves.

The Crucial Benefits of Covid-19 Situation for our Planet and the Worldwide Community

While our world, our people, our friends and families and our communities deal with a the Convid-19 pandemic, our planet feels more relieved than ever. As sad as this pandemic makes me for my fellowmen around the world, I can’t avoid but thinking that our planet, which for many years and decades “shouts” to us, the humankind, for help, now seems to be safer than ever.

The constant and radical climate changes, the species that steadily go extinct on Earth, as well as the seas and the atmosphere that get more and more polluted, now seem to take a deep breath and calm at last down. However, we owe to ourselves and our planet to protect it whatever the cost from now on.

So, I sincerely hope that, after the Covid-19 pandemic goes away and we are all again safe and healthy coming back to our normal daily routine, we will not harm our planet the way we did before. On the contrary, my wish is that we will remain vigilant on our planet’s needs and we will keep it safe the best way we can.

The second crucial benefit me, as Chloe, can see in this Covid-19 pandemic is the following: Each and every one of us has now taken a long brake from overconsuming goods we don’t really need. Facing a serious and dangerous worldwide health problem has made us take a distance from the materialism we were so used to have in our lives, providing ourselves with the chance to pay much more attention at what truly IS than what SEEMS to be.

What do I mean by that? Merely that now that we put our health and safety first and we are deprived from all this stuff and products we so much thought we needed, we have come more in touch with our true selves, deconstructing the image we and the people around us have been promoting all these years and concentrating to the truth of our mind, soul and heart.

Some Last Thoughts

As person, I tend to see the positive side of things and concentrate my thought and energy on the benefit that can come from every difficult situation. I tend to see the gift, the lesson, the benefit we can earn from this worldwide crisis.

So, a lesson we now all of us take together, as a whole, is that we need to be united and think and help those in need, at all times. Another very important lesson is that we need to be proactive and think ahead, making the necessary financial arrangements so as not to panic in a possible financial crisis.

Most importantly, we can all see the Covid-19 pandemic as a CHANCE to make our and the people’s around us health a priority and realize what a truly GREAT GIFT being healthy is. This is also a chance to take time for ourselves, thoughts, wishes and needs, not postponing the self-care and self-love any more.

At this point, we all more than ever need to secure and ensure our survival and wellbeing. We now have to deal with ourselves, our loneliness, our personality and character. And that is a true lesson we are all taking these days.

As a person, I strongly believe I have a great responsibility for my fellowmen’s health and safety, therefore I completely comply to my State’s rules, laws and measures that are taken in order to save as many people in the world as possible. I hope you do the same.

My heart, mind and soul are with all the people around the globe that are suffering due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I hope that these lines find you home, safe and healthy, as well as positive, strong and calm. We are all in this TOGETHER.