There are many times that people come to me and ask me what the crucial differences of a brand and a business are . Therefore, in order to put everything under perspective, I decided to write an article to clear things out. It is not uncommon that a brand and a business are closely related, therefore many people get confused as to which is which. However, there are certain characteristics in each one, and you, as a wedding professional, should be in a position to tell the difference. If you don’t know what this difference is, don’t worry. I am here to help you!

Just keep reading this article and you will find all the answers you need.

What Is A Business?

For starters, let’s clear out what a business is.

A business is the organization that produces a product or service. It is the collection of people you work with, as well as the product or service you sell.

For example, if you are a wedding planner, your business is you, the people you collaborate with, as well as your services, which is to organize weddings.

Simple as it may seem to be understood, it is quite difficult to build and run a successful business. There are many factors that you should keep in mind, such as organizing your business, be polite and inspiring with your co-workers, and of course, be punctual with your payments.

Most importantly, you should always provide your clients with the service or product you promised, and never underdeliver. A successful business is one that most of its clients are happy and satisfied, since they get what they were promised or more.

Another main factor that leads to a successful business is the brand you have created for your business.

But what do I mean by that?

What Is A Brand?

A brand is more than just its product or service.

While the business is the people you work with and the product or service you sell, a brand is the first image that people get in their minds when they hear the brand’s name. A brand is an idea. It is the feeling people get when they hear a specific name.

Your brand is the public face of your business. It is the image and personal identity of your company and of your product or service.

If we were to take Nike as an example, their product is sneakers. However, their brand is the idea behind their product, which is their call to action to whomever knows or tries their shoes: “Just Do It”.

Many businesses produce sneakers, but Nike sells an idea. Most of the times, when you hear about sneakers, you will think of Nike. That’s because their brand is really successful.

In other words, a brand is the way the company promotes its product or service, so as to be

recognizable and likeable by their audience. Your business is the machine behind that brand that will make sure your clients are satisfied and that they get what they were promised.

However, I want to point out something important: it is not necessary to have one company and one brand. You can have a company and multiple brands under it, that promote different products or services. This is very important to understand, as your brand will be built around your product or service, and not necessarily around your business.

Now that we have cleared this out, let me take you one step further. What are the ingredients that make a brand, and subsequently a business, successful?

What Makes A Brand Successful?

Although I promise you to write another article just for that topic, I find it important to provide you with some of the most important tips you need to apply in order to create a successful brand for your wedding business.

Therefore, I intent to provide you with some of the most vital elements of a successful brand.

The first thing you should always remember when you start to create your brand is this: A brand should be totally differentiated by the companies that sell products or services in the same category. It should be unique, distinguishable and easily recognizable.

Your brand is the mark that distinguishes you from your competitors. Therefore, avoid to copy their marketing strategy or the idea they promote through their product or service.

When you create a brand, you need to think out of the box. Of course, you need to study your competitors first, but don’ t fall into the trap of trying to do what they did. Erase everything from your mind and start from point zero.

That will help you built something innovative and remarkable, as you now know that your goal is to create something that NOBODY has created before.

Taking that under consideration, the second secret is the following: everything you do, promote or create from now on that has to do with you brand, must align with your initial idea.

Your logo, tagline, website, content, social media strategy, marketing strategy, ads, even the way you reply to your clients, must represent the initial, unique and original idea you had when you were creating your brand.

Since a brand consist of every public action you take, you must be very careful as to what kind of image you show to your audience. Don’ t leave anything in chance. And of course, that can only apply under the condition that you know your brand really well.

Well, that’ s all for today. As I promised, there is a complete guide coming up on how to build a successful brand for your business, product or service.

For now, just keep in mind this: if you are just selling a product or a service, then you have a business. But, if you are selling more than just the category that your product or service is in, then you have a brand.

I hope that was helpful. Stay tuned for more tips on how to create a successful wedding brand and business.

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