One thing that really troubled me over the years was how I will stay more productive during the day, when there are so many things to do. To tell you the truth, I have discovered that productivity is the key to every successful wedding business. We all have the same hours during the day. But what we do with those hours is what determines how successful we will be. Have you ever wished to have more hours in your day, so you will have the ability to complete these tasks that always stay behind? If you constantly find yourself with a pile of things that need to get done but you lack the time and energy to do them, then this article is for you!

Today I wrote the most efficient ways to increase your productivity to the fullest during the day, so as to feel calm that everything runs smoothly in your wedding business.

1. Get Organized

The first thing you absolutely need to do in order to become more productive is to get organized. But what do I mean with that? Well, for starters you need to make a list with all the things you need to do. Don’ t leave anything out. In order to get organized you need to know everything that goes on and needs your attention. However! Don’t make this list in your mind. Write everything down so you can see it. Believe me, this will really clear you mind and remove half of the stress and all of your unnecessary thoughts and worries.

2. Prioritize In Order To Be More Productive

The second thing you should do is to get on that list and set priorities. If you have fifty things that need to be done, start by which one are the more urgent. One efficient way to prioritize is to put on the top of your list the things that produce the more value for you. For example, it is always better to get occupied with one big project that will provide you with more money and customers, than with ten small ones that provide you with small value. Secondly, you can put high on your list the things that are urgent. By that I mean the tasks that have strict deadlines by your clients. Last but not least, list the tasks that are difficult and you feel that will take the most of your day and energy. When you complete these three kinds of tasks, you will feel calmer and less stressed..

3. Create A Schedule And Stick To It

One thing I do and really helps me is to create a schedule for the tasks I need to complete during the day, the week and the month. After having set priorities, I start putting everything into a schedule.

There are two types of tasks: the ones that need my attention every day, week or month, and the ones that need to be completed only once. I put both types in my schedule and I try to always be consistent and punctual when it comes to the first type of tasks.

This way I am sure that the daily, weekly or monthly tasks are always done.

One great way to get organized and make sure you do everything you have in your schedule is Trello or Asana.

Trello is a great application I found out about and is really useful. You can put everything there and then delete each task when is completed.

4. Do The Difficult Tasks First To Increase Your Productivity

So, now that we have finished with the basic tips, I will tell you a secret I discovered recently.

I tend to get stressed and anxious when it comes to great and difficult projects. However, as I found out, I always become more productive when I start get involved with these difficult tasks first thing in the morning.

The moment I complete a great and hard project, I instantly become calmer during the day, therefore, more productive. This is just a little secret of mine.

5. Have Some Free Time When You Will Do NOTHING!

So, you have a pile of stuff that need to be done immediately, and you constantly find yourself occupied.

I can guarantee you that this won’t work!

Instead of having one crazy busy day after the other with no quality time for yourself, schedule two to three hours every day that you’ll be doing absolutely NOTHING.

Keeping your mind, body and soul away from your worries is a great way to become more productive during the day. Once you apply this rule, you’ll find out that, after these breaks, you’ll produce twice as much work as you would otherwise.

Everybody needs some rest. So do you.

6. Set Deadlines For Your Goals So As To Become More Productive

A task without a deadline is not a goal. Is just a wish. In order to get more productive, you need to know exactly when each project needs to be delivered. Don’t just start doing things without a clear deadline. Deadlines will help you prioritize even better and subsequently create an even better schedule. So, start putting deadlines to each task of your list today! You’ll feel calmer later.

7. It Doesn’t Need To Be Perfect. It Just Need To Be Done

Well, let’s state a big truth… Most of the wedding professionals are perfectionists. Including me, of course! But, one thing that my eight years on the wedding business industry taught me was NOT to try to do everything perfect.

Instead, I settled with completing my projects on time and without stress, which then made the project perfect on its own.

So, instead of trying to do everything perfect, settle for punctuality. It will lead you faster to success.

8. Clean Your Space And Home

Finally, you can’t expect to be more productive during the day if your space is a mess. Start your day by cleaning and organize your home and, most importantly, the space in which you work. Research has proved that a clean and organized space helps you think better and have more clarity during the day. You will feel less stressed if, before you begin to work, you have everything in order. Trust me, it’s a life saver.

In conclusion, it is not extremely difficult to become more productive during the day. Your first step is to get organize and make sure you have everything you need to work properly.

Find time for yourself to rest and clear your mind, and remember: you don’t have to work hard in order to succeed. You just have to work smart.

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