I think that everyone has a big great love… For me that love is creating aesthetic results in the wedding industry, as well as helping other wedding professionals do the same. My inclination to fashion, style, culture, design, gastronomy and architecture led me to the magical path that I am today.



Early Years


I came in touch with the artistic approach of life in a very young age. Born in Athens, I was provided by my parents with a mixture of artistic stimuluses that offered me a different perception of the world. My father, an architect, writer and art curator, and my mother an artist and decorator, helped me develop my love for art and creation.

All the stimuluses that my parents provided me with, inspired me to get involved with fashion as a kid and teenager. My love for international fashion magazines, and specifically for the Italian Vogue led me to start writing articles on fashion in the age of sixteen, articles that never got published, they were vital to my later career though. 

When I finished school, I got myself in studying Theater after my mother’s encouragement for a degree. My passion for creation, though, as well as my impatience to take action as soon as possible, led me to the decision to drop out after my first year in the University and look for the magical and artistic endeavor that would allow me express my inclinations.



Italian Days


What I truly believe had a deep influence in me was my journeys to Italy. My father, despite his Greek origin, has been leaving in Italy for the last thirty years. Therefore, since the age of twelve, I was lucky enough to spend most of my summers there. Our road trips to central and North Italy and our visits to Anna Fendi’s remarkable houses (of the Italian Fashion House FENDI), where crucial elements that shaped my opinion, aesthetics and character.

The architecture, the houses, the museums, as well as Italian art inspired me greatly in the years that followed, when I started my own creations. My greatest love is Sienna. All these journeys to Italy enhanced my artistic perspective and broadened my mind.




Later Years

Later on, I decided to get involved in culinary arts. My studies and Diploma in Food and Beverages Management brought me to Hotel Grande Bretagne, where I worked in wedding events and came in touch with the wedding industry. However, I couldn’t express fully myself through culinary arts, since I was just getting started and I couldn’t apply my own ideas.

After three years of being present in grand hotels and fabulous events, I decided that it was high time for me to create something of my own, something that would express all of my artistic influences and sides. Therefore, since I was a tango dancer, I decided to start designing tango shoes. Soon enough, I had started a small shoe shop in Kolonaki, expressing at last my artistic talents and ideas

This was the first time in my life that I had the opportunity to apply my perception of art as well as my involvement in fashion, while, at the same time, I was making good use of my stylistic and artistic inclinations.

As my shoe shop’s designs were defined by great imagination and high aesthetics and quality, my work attracted many brides that needed some specially designed and extremely elegant shoes for their most special day. Therefore, I gradually came in touch with many brides and began to conceive the brides’ needs and to shape a more complete image of the wedding industry.

The turn in my life came when I found myself in a wedding photo shooting. Everything in the wedding industry made me feel like home and simultaneously fully alive. Style, design, journeys, fashion, elegance… everything that I loved were combined in one occupation!

I knew right then what I was made for. It was the only occupation that could combine my artistic inclinations, my aesthetic stimuluses, my journeys, my love for fashion, my stylistic opinion and approach.

Suddenly, everything seemed clear. 





After thorough research, I started in 2016 my own wedding blog, the first destination wedding blog, “Getting Married In Greece”. This blog stands out for its aesthetic approach and high quality since its very first day. Later on, I started the Greek online bridal magazine “Real Brides”, since I have always supported the Greek wedding industry, as well as Greek wedding professionals.

Today, being a speaker in wedding conferences and events, the Editor of two wedding blogs, the Creative Director of my Wedding Coaching Company, and the organizer of workshops and masterclasses for anyone who is involved in the wedding industry, I have the privilege to impart my knowledge and experience on the field.

After having failed over and over and then succeeded in the business world, I feel the urge to help wedding professionals complete with success their own journey as entrepreneurs. 

I love the wedding industry just as much as I love guiding and helping people. 

And having the opportunity to combine these two loves of mine is a true blessing. Most of all, it is something MAGICAL.